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A guy washing dishes in a jockstrap, then all of sudden Frank Parker appears inviting him for a "food adventure". The young guy agrees as he lets Frank put some whipped cream in his body all the way to his ass, sexy daddy Frank is so overjoyed as he gently rims the whipped cream off from his boytoy's ass. Frank is not satisfied yet as he opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of chocolate syrup, he drizzled it into his hard dick for his boytoy to enjoy. Both of the guys went on like this until they almost emptied the fridge beside them, putting other goodies like cherries, more whipped cream, bananas, popsicles and etc. into their bodies to play and eat with.

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Billy Wild is a very sexy and at the same time ultra horny guy who has a serious food fetish. First he strokes his manmeat and gets it ready for what he will be performing for us. On the table in front of him he has a lot of various foodstuffs. First he holds a banana and slowly sucks it as if it is a real cock, then he slowly inserts it into his asshole, not satisfied he opens a package of sausages and sucks it again with his horny lips for the 2nd time he tries shoving it into his manpussy, still horny and not satisfied with what he did, he stood up in the table where a huge dildo stands up, he sits on it as he moans with extreme pleasure. The dildo hit his g-spot as he came on the table, he knelt and licked his cum off clean.

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David enters the kitchen feeling hungry, he searches for something that he likes and saw a pie lying on the table, he checks it out but has something naughty in his mind, so he unizips his fly open revealing his boner. He crawled up into the table and started fucking the pie, it looks like he is enjoying it so much as he moans loudly with immeasurable pleasure. He was so busy doing the pie that he didn't realize that his partner have just came home. His partner stared at him with awe but is strangely aroused with his boyfriend fucking the pie. He then asked David to stand right in front of him as he sucked his boyfriend's cock. He joined David's kinky fetish as they grabbed a watermelon and bore a hole in it, they took turns fucking the "happy watermelon". Both guys are so turned on with their exhibition that both of them sprayed their loads to the used watermelon and pie.

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